Vatican II Legacy and Mandate

Intercontinental History and Commentary:

Reception and Orientations for the Life of the Church

Our Mission

About Us

This project aims to develop an intercontinental and intercultural theological commentary of Vatican II. The reception of this master narrative and its mandate are of vital importance for the Catholic Church and for theology today.

Book Series

In preparation and to be published in German and English

  • Introductory volume on hermeneutical questions: Vatican II facing theological and religious pluralism, interculturality, and post-colonial thinking
  • Continental perspectives on the Council: Latin-America, North-America and the Pacific, Africa, Asia, and Europe
  • Intercontinental commentaries on the conciliar documents
  • Concluding volume with conclusions and orientations for the life of the Church

A New Vatican II Era

Sixty years after, and convinced that the Council belongs to everyone, a new generation of scholars is ready to study the conciliar legacy anew.

An Intercultural Generation

Wishing to secure the conciliar legacy in a global, intercultural, and digitally connected world

Giving Responsibility Locally

On a subsidiary basis, aiming to give responsibility and voice to local communities

Fair Open Access
  • Digital platform with archival material and academic literature open to all participants
  • Free open access publishing

“The Christian communities themselves, […] should be the protagonists, giving shape to their own Christianity”

Carlos Schickendantz

Community Building

Exploring the meaning of the Council in the 21st century by bringing together scholars and academic and ecclesiastical stakeholders.

130 International Scholars

100+ Academic Institutions

Monthly Meetings per Group

Global Workshops and Symposia

Supported by

  • Adveniat, DE
  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG, DE
  • Fritz Thyssen Stiftung, DE
  • Porticus Belgium, BE
  • missio Aachen, DE
  • Verband der Diözesen Deutschlands, DE
  • Erzbistum Köln, DE
  • Erzbistum München-Freising, DE
  • Bistum Rottenburg-Stuttgart, DE
  • GHR Foundation, Minneapolis, USA
  • Raskob Foundation, Wilmington, USA
  • Boston College, USA

International Exchange

5 Continental Groups

Five continental study groups regularly meet for conferences to analyze and discuss Vatican II and its reception history from their continental viewpoint

Scientific Board

Renowned Vatican II scholars, moderators of the continental and commentary groups, assure the academic quality, international representation, and progress of the entire project

16 Commentary Groups

Consisting of representatives of the different continental groups, new intercontinental commentaries are written on the basis of the continental work and new archival research

Steering Committee

In service to the participants in this process, the Steering Committee supervises the day-to-day monitoring of the project

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